Lactogroup, a Leading Global Dairy Products Company

Who we are

Milk and dairy sales experts in the Maghreb market since 2010; We offer import/export logistics and services. Our capabilities include worldwide shipping and customs clearance in the main Moroccan ports.

Our distribution and warehousing services specialize in full-service, client-specific solutions that allow for the safe storage and careful transport of your goods by ensuring fast and dependable delivery.

We also provide tailored consulting to meet the specific needs of each client and their unique business; we help our clients to measure, evaluate and develop their business in the dairy industry.


Company dedicated to Research + Development + Innovation of food sector, specifically in the dairy food industry.

Our partnerships with global leaders in the food market allow us to supply highly innovative products for industrial and consumer use, by always offering the highest standards for quality and client service.


Lactogroup aims to perform and to increase its market shares in order to be positioned in the top Dairy Moroccan Players.

To be recognized by our clients as the perfect partner in terms of the best quality, service and price.

Expansion, worldwide networks, and breaking into new business opportunities.


We offer eco-efficient products that respect the environment and whose materials are 100% natural, and we create value and work in a country in deep development and evolution.

We select our suppliers through a deep evaluation process whose quality standards must be certified by the most important international organizations (ISO).

Lactogroup specialises in the sale  and distribution
of high quality products

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